"I Only Feel What He Leaves Me With. He's That Good."

James T. Harris, CEO Harris Group

Josiah's Top Speeches Are Below

Keynotes & Consulting

Josiah Cantrall is a generational and cultural expert who helps clients address generational changes, navigate innovation in the corporate setting, and solve the opportunity gap that limits talent acquisition from diverse communities.

Corporate and institutional clients rely on him for inspiring opening, luncheon, closing, and after dinner keynotes. Josiah also works with select brands as their in-house expert and public spokesperson.

Josiah's authenticity and charisma moves audiences to embrace a world willing to challenge low-expectations and address the opportunity gap that discourages so many from chasing their dreams.

Work With Josiah

Josiah Climbing In Colorado

Authentic Products For An Authentic Generation

Millennials are an authentic generation. They don't do business with companies who aren't just as authentic.

Drawing on his work with a Fortune 500 insurance company, Josiah reveals how ideation and innovation can create authentic products for an authentic generation.

Portrait Of Josiah

The Zuckerburg Effect - Why Millennials Don't Need You

Millennials have come of age with the belief that technology is the great equalizer. To them, hierarchies and barriers constructed by society are no longer a match for the power of technology and entrepreneurship.

In the Zuckerburg Effect, Josiah navigates his audience through inter-generational clashes and how you can convince millennials the best thing they could ever do, is work for you.